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Plainview Elementary School

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                                                 Contact Information:

                                                          Beth Melton

                                                      16002 Hwy. 102
                                                    Patrick, SC  29584

                                                    Ph: (843) 498-6633
                                                    Fx: (843) 498-6024

   Plainview Graduate Wins Scholarship


   Meagan Powell, a senior at McBee High School, has received the Bell Tower Scholarship in the amount of $8000.00 per year for a total over the four years of $32,000. The Bell Tower Scholarship is one of the most prestigious awards recognizing only the most talented students. Meagan will be attending Coker College in the fall majoring in voice pedagogy with a minor in art. She is the daughter of first grade teacher, Myra Powell. Congratulations, Meagan!

Congratulations to Mrs. Summer Rhyne for being chosen to be our March ABC teacher and Lovely for being chosen to be our March ABC staff feature.



“Miss” Summer was chosen for being “willing to help other teachers when necessary, always smiling, and keeping a positive outlook.”



 Lovely was chosen for “doing a great job, always smiling, being friendly, and keeping the school clean.”


Congratulations to…


Mrs. Kerry Hagwood for being chosen our February ABC teacher and “Nurse” Nora for being chosen our February ABC staff.

First Grade Rain Sticks 005.jpg 

Mrs. Hagwood was chosen for being “so enthusiastic, an advocate for her kids, spirited, organized, and “with it,” creative, and always willing to help.”


Mrs. Tamburrino was chosen for being “always willing to watch our classes, smiling and caring about Plainview, helping with beta club, and taking on extra tasks.”



                      Congratulations to
             Marcia Anderson and Julie Potthoff
        for going Above and Beyond the Call of Duty
             at Plainview Elementary in January!


   Ms. Anderson was chosen for “being so positive and welcoming, always smiling, going above and beyond and spending extra time with the Valentine’s Day dance, yearbook, carnival, etc., and for always willing to help out anyone in need.”  


Mrs. Potthoff was chosen for “just being great
, friendly, and hard-working.”

dancing a plus.gif2nd Nine Weeks Honor Roll

                                             2nd Grade
                                               Mrs. B
All A's                                                            A's and B's
Anette Boan                                                  Anna Rae Byrd
Trinity Brigman                                              Gavin Huggins
Lily Byrd                                                         Lane Lundy
William King                                                   Dawson Sellers
                                                                        Luke Teal

                                           Mrs. Tipton
All A's                                                              A's and B's
Ty Barefoot                                                     McKenna Byrd

(Name Removed)                                           Sarah James
Mason Spradley                                             Anthony Tirado
Evan Talbert                                                    Kacie Weatherford

                                      Third Grade

                                       Mrs. Griggs
All A's                                                                 A's and B's

Jess Griggs                                                       Seth Byrd
                                                                           Taylor Gainey
                                                                           Ethan Griggs

                                           Mrs. Beasley
All A's                                                                  A's and B's
Trent Pugh                                                         Bryson Byrd
(Name removed)                                               Jacob Duvall
Hart Starling                                                       Kara Lundy
Mel Tolson                                                         Anna Weatherford

                                             4th Grade
      All A's                                                              A's and B's
Emily Simmons                                              Blazlea Donahue
Sonny Smothers                                            Conner Easterling

                                              5th Grade
All A's                                                             A's and B's
Harley Byrd                                                    Beth Beasley
Ryann Griggs                                                 Parker Byrd
Noel Huestess                                               Victoria Holliday
Seth Pittington                                                Kaitlyn Johnson
Emily Tamburrino                                            Garret Mims
                                                                         Brooke Perkins
                                                                         Milly Tolson
                                                                         Kamryn Walker
                                                                         Dawson Wellmon

6th Grade
All A's                                                             A's and B's
Lydia DeJesus                                              McKenna Ashburn
Hannah Jordan                                              Haylee Barefoot
Elena Urbaniak                                              Corey Boan
Whitley Walters                                             Jacob Byrd
Jenna Warren                                                Destiny Collins
                                                                       Reese Griggs
                                                                       Kaylee Jackson
                                                                       Macy Johnson
                                                                       Jacob Kissiah
                                                                       Brooke Robbins
                                                                       Christopher Shields
                                                                       Jake Shoffner
                                                                       McIver Wallace
                                                                       Jade Warren


Congratulations to our teachers and staff that went Above and Beyond the Call of Duty in December……
Shannon Outlaw.jpg

Mrs. Shannon Outlaw – “for jumping in and taking anything that is thrown her way and using new ways to reach students.”
Debbie Byrd.JPG

Mrs. Debbie Byrd! – for “always being willing to help out and cover classes when needed…”

                                         Spelling Bee Winners

     Plainview students competed in the school Spelling Bee in December. There are some very talented spellers in the 5th and 6th grades.

group picture.jpg

     The winner of the school's Spelling Bee was Hannah Jordan. The runner-up was Jenna Warren. Hannah will compete in the district's Spelling Bee on Thursday, January 9. Great job to all of the contestants and good luck to Hannah as she represents Plainview Elementary!



Teaming Up to Teach the Standards


The 1st grade teachers and 3rd grade teachers at Plainview Elementary know all about teamwork. During the months of October and November, 1st grade teachers Kerri Hagwood and Myra Powell teamed up to provide some culture to their students. These 1st graders learned about the African culture by reading about boys and girls their age and making rain sticks. Then, Alec Powell, Mrs. Powell’s son, provided some musical background for the students to use their rain sticks in traditional African music. Later, 1st grade learned about the Hispanic culture and ended on a festive note by holding a fiesta for the students.

Fiesta 005.jpg

The 3rd grade teachers, Ann Beasley and Sharon Griggs, were also busy using hands-on activities to engage their students in learning about Columbus Day. The students read about Christopher Columbus and a sailor’s life at sea and wrapped up that unit by making hard tack. This was a first time experience for the students and the teachers and ended in smiles with no chipped teeth. Switching to the Science standards, 3rd grade studied soil composition and incorporated units of math and reading by making “soil” to eat. It was a Science lesson that the students could really sink their teeth into.

Making hard tack 009.jpg


animated smiling kids.GIF  
Make Up Picture Day Tomorrow, Nov. 12, 2013


 Plainview Honors Veterans Veterans.jpg

Plainview invites all local veterans to eat breakfast with us on Wednesday, November 13, 2013. Breakfast will be served starting at 7:30 am. We would be proud for you to honor us with your presence.

                        Plainview Celebrates Student Success

     Part of the mission here at Plainview is to encourage and celebrate student success. The students work hard every day, and as a reward to those students who maintained an A and an A/B average for the first nine weeks, the school treated them to a hot dog lunch.

Honor Roll Hot Dogs 002.jpg

                                       1st Nine Weeks Honor Roll
6th Grade-

All A's: Kaylee Jackson, Whitley Walters

A's & B's: McKenna Ashburn, Haylee Barefoot, Corey Boan, Jacob Byrd, Destiny Collins, Lydia DeJesus, Acey Grantham, Reese Griggs, Macy Johnson, Hannah Jordan, Carlie O'Neal, Brooke Robbins, Christopher Shields, Jake Shoffner, Elena Urbaniak, McIver Wallace, Jade Warren, Jenna Warren

5th Grade-

All A's: Parker Byrd, Ryann Griggs, Seth Pittington, Emily Tamburrino, Dawson Wellmon

A's & B's: Beth Beasley, Harley Byrd, Noel Huestess, KIaitlyn Johnson, Mikaila Keith, Milly Tolson, Kamryn Walker

4th Grade-

All A's: Emily Simmons, Sonny Smothers

A's & B's: Conner Easterling

3rd Grade-

All A's: Jess Griggs, Hart Starling

A's & B's: Bryson Byrd, Seth Byrd, Ethan Griggs, Kara Lundy, Trent Pugh, Mel Tolson, Anna Weatherford

2nd Grade-

All A's: Ty Barefoot, Annette Boan, Trinity Brigman, Anna Rae Byrd, Lily Byrd, McKenna Byrd, Gavin Huggins, William King, Mason Spradley, Evan Talbert, Anthony Tirado, Kacie Weatherford

A's & B's: Sara Jean Atkinson, Chris Guinn, Sarah James, Jaida Marshall, Breanna Osmundson, Harley Powell, Landon Sellers, Luke Teal


Plainview Hosts Community Opportunities in October

            October was a busy month for the people of Plainview Elementary. In keeping with their vision of promoting positive relationships within the community, the staff and parents at Plainview hosted several opportunities for the community and the school to come together. Since October is Fire Prevention Month, the firefighters from Alligator Fire Station visited and enlightened the students on different ways of being safe around fire, including the need to change the batteries in the smoke detectors. They also modeled how to Stop-Drop-and Roll with the students, and showed them various rescue equipment on the trucks.

Alligator Fire Visit 005.jpg

            October also brought about the March of Dimes. Plainview jumped on board by hosting a Walk for Babies as well as several fund raising events to support this worthy cause. There were also representatives from the school present at the county wide March for Babies at Arrowhead Park.

Walk for March of Dimes 001.jpg

            There were also two weeks of strangely dressed students and staff at Plainview this month. Because Plainview is a feeder school for McBee High, we also celebrated Spirit Week, ending with a pep rally which included the senior football players, cheerleaders, and band members from McBee High. The following week was Red Ribbon Week when students showed support for remaining drug free. 

Band and cheerleaders Pep Rally 013.jpg

            Finally, in keep with a long standing tradition, Plainview hosted its annual Halloween Carnival for the students and the community. Parents and staff volunteered long hours to make this a success. One of the highlights of the carnival is the crowning of a King and Queen for the school. This year’s Queen is McKenna Byrd and King is Bryson Davis. They will represent Plainview in the Christmas Parade.

Halloween Carnival 2013 005.jpg


                              Fall Back!

Turn your clocks back an hour Saturday night, Nov. 2

Creative Lessons

             The students at Plainview are engaged in learning thanks to the creativity of their teachers! Every day there are wonderful lessons going on inside the classrooms at Plainview. With the adoption of the Common Core State Standards, teachers are more aware of ways to teach across the curriculum and combine standards. The big push in Chesterfield County right now is to improve literacy. This month, 2nd and 5th graders were excited to learn about fossils, cells, and following directions as they combined English and Language standards with their Math, Science, and Social Studies.

book title.jpg

            Mrs. Outlaw brought a treat to 5th grade by having them make tea biscuits. The students read the book, Saturdays and Tea Cakes by Lester L. Laminack as  part of their ELA lesson. Afterwards, Mrs. Outlaw copied the recipe from the book for making tea cakes, and students answered comprehension questions involving how to read a recipe and follow directions. Mrs. Outlaw brought out standards in math and science to merge with the ELA standards as she discussed how to alter the recipe for smaller and larger amounts. The students were then able to read the recipe, follow the directions, and actually bake the tea cakes. It was a delicious lesson learned!

Cell Projects 002.jpg

Another treat for 5th grade was when Mrs. Robbins added color and style to her lesson on cells by having the 5th grade students create projects to show the characteristics and organizations of plant and animal cells. Some students created models. Some drew bright posters. Some students even created edible projects that were a great hit to their classmates. Everyone presented their projects, combining ELA standards with Science standards. All the while, students were engaged in learning the parts of the cells.

Class Projects 003.jpg

Not to be outdone, Mrs. B’s second grade class dove right in with combining Science standards on fossils and Scientific Inquiry skills, Social Studies standards on Paleontology, and ELA standards on following directions and comprehension skills. The students read about paleontologists and answered comprehension questions about the reading. Mrs. B excitedly explained, “They [the students] are digging fossils. The cookie is the rock and the chips were the fossils. They had to decide what tool and method they were using. In reading, we asked questions before, during, and after as we read about paleontologists and the tools they use. To follow up, we used the scientific inquiry standards to do the experiment and then wrote in our paleontologists notebooks about what we discovered." Mrs. B followed this lesson with another engaging hands-on lesson as students modeled an archeological dig for “dinosaur bones”.

Whoever said that learning can’t be fun obviously never spent a day at Plainview Elementary School!

march_of_dimes_logo_2.jpg     Fundraisers Next Week

Plainview has set a goal of $1,000 for the March of Dimes. We will be selling fun size candy bars after lunch each day beginning on Tuesday, Oct. 8 and ending on Friday, Oct. 11. They will be 25 cents each.
Plainview will also be sponsoring a March of Dimes walk on Thursday, Oct. 10. Each student should bring $5.00 in order to participate in the walk. Checks may be made payable to Plainview Elementary or the March of Dimes. Your child may also wear a hat in school on Thursday for a donation of $1. This money will also go towards our fundraiser.

Parent-Teacher-Conferences.gif  Parent-Teacher Conferences

Parent-Teacher Conferences are scheduled for Tuesday, Oct. 22 and Thursday, Oct. 24 from 3:00pm-6:00pm. Please sign up for a time with your child's teacher. Parents are encouraged to meet with the teacher and discuss their child's progress.
pumpkincrowlight0822.gif  Halloween Carnival

Plainview's annual Halloween Carnival will be on Tuesday, Oct. 29 from

6:00pm-8:00pm. We still need volunteers in order for this to be a success.

Please, contact your child's teacher or call the school to volunteer.


 Plainview Elementary Celebrates Grandparent’s Day

            Plainview Elementary opened its doors and welcomed grandparents to breakfast on Friday, September 13, 2013. There were over 50 visitors on campus that day to enjoy the blueberry muffins, yogurt, juice, and milk and to show support.

Grandparents Day1.jpg

Part of Plainview’s mission is to build a strong community with our families and business leaders. Celebrating Grandparent’s Day is just one way we hope to accomplish this goal.

                     Congratulations to Sonny Smothers

Sonny and Mrs Melton.jpg

Congratulations to Sonny Smothers for having a perfect PASS score in ELA for 2013. Sonny, along with 21 other students in Chesterfield County, was recognized for this great accomplishment at the School Board Meeting Monday, September 9, 2013. Sonny is in fourth grade at Plainview.

We are so proud of Sonny!


Picture Day!!                       animated smiling kids.GIF

Get ready to smile! Picture day will be September 17!



                                Friday, September 13

Plainview would like to invite our grandparents to come eat breakfast with us on Friday, September 13 from 7:30am-8:00am.
We will be serving blueberry muffins, yogurt, juice, and milk. If you would like to eat breakfast, please let the teacher know so that we can prepare for enough people. The cost for adults is $2.15.

  PTO Meeting- Sept. 10pto.gif              

There will be a PTO meeting in the cafeteria on Tuesday, Sept. 10 beginning at 6:00 pm. One of the things that will be discussed is the Halloween Carnival. Mrs. Melton will also address parent concerns at this time. Please come out and support the school.

                    New Faces and New Places

Plainview Elementary welcomed many new faces on staff this year.

New Faces and New Places 002.jpg

Kerry Hagwood joins the Plainview family as a 1st grade teacher.

New Faces and New Places 007.jpg

Shannon Outlaw is our new media specialist as well as half day 5th-6th grade ELA teacher.

New Faces and New Places 015.jpg

Linda Romine joins us as our Speech Therapist. She will be splitting her time between three schools this year.

New Faces and New Places 020.jpg

Stephanie Henderson is our Literacy Coach this year. She will also be splitting her time between schools.



The school is open each morning beginning at 7:30. Students will go to the gym where they will be dismissed to their classrooms for breakfast at 7:40. All students will be served breakfast each morning.

Classroom instruction begins at 8:00 after the morning announcements. Students are considered tardy after 8:00.

Child development and kindergarten car riders are being dismissed at 2:35 so we are asking all of these cars to be in line at 2:30. If a CD or a 5K student has an older sibling, they will be dismissed with the older sibling at 2:50. If you are picking up a student in 1st through 6th grade, please do not get into the car line until after 2:40. That way all the cars for CD and 5K will be gone and there will be room for more cars. If you park on the grass, your child will be dismissed when all cars are gone from the car line. The students’ safety is our first concern. The buses load at 2:50 for afternoon dismissal.


Dear Parent:

     It is important for your child to be in school whenever possible. When students are tardy to school and signed-out early, it causes a number of disruptions to the academic instruction in our school.  Policy states that students have to be inside the classroom by 8:00 when the announcements begin. If your child gets here after this time, a parent must come in and sign the child in to school. This will then be considered a tardy. Along the same lines, a student being signed out early is missing instruction time as well. Our school day officially ends at 2:50, so any student getting signed-out before this time will be considered early sign-out. Also, students that are signed out early for doctor and dentist appointments are excused with a doctor note. However, if the appointment is in the morning, the student needs to return to school if possible.

Tardy and Early Sign-out Policy

3 Tardies/early sign-out= Mailed letter

6 tardies/early sign-out = 1 hour ISD, Parent Contact, mailed letter

9 tardies/early sign-out = ½ day ISD, Parent contact, mailed letter

12 tardies/early sign-out = 1 day ISS, Parent contact, mailed letter

15 tardies/early sign-out = 1 day OSS

As we do with tardies and absences, doctor notes (appointments) will excuse the early sign-out. ______________________________________________________




Excellence in Academics, Arts and Athletics