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McBee Elementary School

MES 2014-2015 Teacher of the Year
Folger.JPG Mrs. Laura Katherine Folger

Author Visits MES

    Creating engaging informational books for children can be difficult, especially books that capture places children have never seen in person. Kevin Kurtz, author of A Day in the Salt Marsh, A Day on the Mountain, and A Day in the Deep does just that using descriptive words, repetitive lines, and realistic illustrations. 
     McBee Elementary students had the chance of a lifetime on March 7th, when Kevin Kurtz traveled to McBee to read-aloud one of his books and teach the students about his writing process. Kindergarteners through sixth graders explored the ocean floor, discovering what kind of animals live below the surface. “I liked learning about the cookie cutter fish,” commented first grader Emma Andrews.
     Students were able to purchase signed copies of his books, which were addressed to each student personally. Learning through books is a magical experience. Everyone can be an author of nonfiction, however few become published. McBee Elementary students are lucky to have met one of them

February Teacher of the Month
WinburnTOM.JPG Mrs. Melissa Winburn

February Employee of the Month
BellEOM.JPG Mrs. Joanne Bell
January Teacher of the Month
Donna.JPG Ms. Donna McCaskill

January Employee of the Month
Stan.jpg  Mr. Stan Blackwell

McBee Students Make Inferences, Solve Mystery

The morning of November 26 started out just as normal as any other morning. Students and teachers began filing into the building ready for another exciting day at McBee Elementary. It was the morning of the 3K/5K Race to raise awareness for Diabetes. This year’s race was going to be a bit different, due to the poor weather conditions. But that wasn’t the only thing that would be different about that day.

Upon arriving to Mrs. Laura Katherine Folger’s classroom, students were greeted with a disastrous crime scene. Chairs and furniture were strewn around the room, and everything was a mess. Pictures were taken to have evidence of the crime. “When you find out what took place, let me know,” stated Dr. Nutt upon hearing news of the scene.  Luckily, the students worked together to solve this mystery.

Students began putting all the clues together to solve and figure out just who this uninvited mystery intruder could have been. The class made a list of all the things that were out of place in the room; there were candy canes all over the floor, a bag of bows had been left behind and scattered around the class, desks were covered in some sort of mysterious white garland, there was silver garland with red and green ornaments draped over the table. One student noted strange prints that were left on the Promethean Board. Upon further investigation, students were able to use deductive reasoning and learned that they weren’t just ordinary foot prints! The prints appeared similar to that of deer prints, but they were shiny, sparkly and silver. “They must be reindeer prints!” inferred Trey. Once students discovered the reindeer prints, they knew in an instant whom the intruder must have been!

As the students cleaned up the mess that was left behind, they were still left with the question of why this mystery guest visited the classroom. It wasn’t until an unexplained package was found among the debris that their suspicions were confirmed, and they were given a reason as to why this visit took place. Underneath a stack of papers and a misplaced chair, there was a single package. It was wrapped in red and white striped paper, and covered with glitter. There were no bows or ribbons on the package. Only a small gift tag that stated “To: Mrs. Folger’s Class, From: S.C.”  As students furiously ripped open the package, they found The Elf on the Shelf.  Their predictions were correct!  They had correctly guessed the mystery visitor! What an exciting day at MES!

Mrs. Folger’s class was able to make inferences, and put all the clues together to make a good guess as to who the visitor was; similar to what good readers do when they are reading a story.

Can you?

Tis the Season to be in Chorus

The McBee Elementary School Chorus has been bringing Christmas cheer this holiday season.  The group traveled to the Southern Christmas Show at The Mart (formerly the Charlotte Merchandise Mart) in Charlotte, NC on Friday, November 15th.  The group presented their Christmas concert – “Ring in the Season” – and then enjoyed the Christmas show before returning home.  The chorus present “Ring in the Season” with the McBee High School Band for the community on Thursday, December 12th.  MES Chorus director Stephanie Tiller and MHS Band Director Matthew Crawley are excited about combining their groups for special holiday treat.  They will end the Christmas Season with their annual caroling trip to Morningside Assisted Living Center, Morrell Convalescent Center, and the Carriage House Convalescent Center in Hartsville on Monday, December 16th.  The group has received many compliments on their performances and behavior during the entire season.  Working on difficult music and learning to perform in different facilities under varying conditions helps the young singers to develop performance skills that will build a foundation for many successes to come. 


                                Perfection on PASS Testing

McBee Elementary is proud to announce that two of our students from the 2012-2013 school year made a perfect score on the Language Arts portion of PASS (Palmetto Assessment of State Standards) Test.  The students were Bruchawn McPhail (pictured) and Emily McDaniel. 

schoolsupplylists.jpg   Supply Lists
                              Available HERE!!!

You may now view classroom supply lists online.  On the left of the screen you will see a link to "2013-2014 Supply Lists".  The supply lists are arranged by teacher.

4-H Robotics Picture.JPG        4-H Robotics


Five 5th grade students from McBee Elementary competed in the South Carolina 4-H Engineering Event sponsored by Clemson University that was held on Saturday April 20, 2013 at Midlands Tech in Columbia. The students took second place in the Robotics Competition. They were coached by Chuck Mixon and Lyn Teal.

 Pictured bottom row L-R: KaHill Funderburk, Payton Mixon, Graham Newsome Top Row L-R: Corey Wayne and Savannah Teal.


Europe.JPG      "World Travelers"

    This past March, a group of friends and family members from the McBee area attended a 10-day excursion to Europe thanks to McBee Elementary's own Mrs. Stephanie Tiller.  The 10-day excursion led travelers on a three day tour of England, where the group saw such fantastic sights as Big Ben, Parliament, The Eye, Westminster Abbey, and Versailles.  From there, the group traveled by ferry from the cliffs of Dover, into the country side of France where they spent four days exploring the beaches of Normandy and a few other very quaint French villages.  Afterwards, and probably the most exciting part of the trip, was Paris.  For the final days of the groups' exciting journey, travelers explored Notre Dame, The Eiffel Tower, The Louvre, and Paris by night.                                      
Smith 3.JPG    A Very Proactive 1st Grade

      Over the past several weeks, newly elected McBee Elementary School Teacher of the Year Angie Smith has had her class studying a book of poems called Honey I Love by Eloise Greenfield.  Students were quite moved by the poems and used much of the poet’s style and voice to create poetry of their own.  Near the end of their book study, one of the students said to her teacher, “Wouldn’t it be nice if each of us had a copy of this book to keep forever?”  That question got Mrs. Smith to thinking of a way to get her class something they were all so passionate about.  Mrs. Smith had each of her students write persuasive letters to the school’s Literacy Coach (Meredith Askins) and principal (Dr. David Nutt) explaining why they thought the school should by each student a copy of the book.  Reasons outlined in their writing included things like: “We can have this to remember 1st grade and Mrs. Smith forever”, “This book can help us in 2nd, 3rd, and 4th grade as we work on our writing”, “We can use this to teach our little brothers and sisters to write poems”, “If the school bought this, we would have something good to read over the summer”.

     After receiving the persuasive letters, Mrs. Askins and Dr. Nutt were invited to the class for the purpose of being talked into buying a copy of the book for each student.  Many of the students dressed up in order to make the best impression for their presentation.  First grade student Landon Rhodes even wore a seer sucker suit and bow tie to pull off a look that is similar to the way his principal dresses for work.  In class, Mrs. Askins and Dr. Nutt listened to the class recite Eloise Greenfield poems and student poems influenced by Ms. Greenfield.  In addition, students took turns making points as to why they needed an individual copy of the book.  After hearing the arguments, Dr. Nutt pulled out his phone, turned it on speaker phone, and ordered each student a copy of the book.  The class cheered.  Dr. Nutt was quoted as saying, “Mrs. Smith is an excellent teacher who inspires her students to do great things.  It is obvious she has a class of outstanding writers and Mrs. Smith helps those students maximize their talents.



                                  "Pennies for Patients"

       During the month of February, the Junior Beta Club at McBee Elementary School, sponsored a "Pennies for Patients" drive.  Pennies for Patients is an organization that is instrumental in raising funds for lifesaving cancer research. Their mission is to cure leukemia, lymphoma, Hodgkin's disease and myeloma and to improve the quality of life for patients and their families. Thanks to our students, our school collected $1940.58, this year. Congratulations go out to the winning class for our school, Mrs. Huggins' sixth grade class; which collected over $500.

                  McBee Elementary School Chorus


   Members of the McBee Elementary School Chorus performed on The Waterside Stage at Downtown Disney on Friday, March 1st.  This is the fourth time that the MES chorus has been chosen to perform in the Disney Performing Arts program.  Music teacher Stephanie Tiller submitted a DVD audition of the group performing two songs from their May 2012 Dinner Theatre.  The group received notification of their acceptance to perform in July.    
    The chorus along with 55 parents, family members, and well wishing supporters departed MES on Thursday morning, Feb. 28th.  Upon arriving in Florida, they checked into the All-Star Movies Resort before heading to Disney’s Magic Kingdom.  Students enjoyed the many rides and shows offered by the park. 
    Friday was performance day.  The group had a couple of hours to spend enjoying Epcot before meeting their Disney’s Performing Arts host.  Upon meeting the host, chorus members, Mrs. Tiller and McBee High Band Director Matthew Crawley went “back stage” to the Performing Arts Pre-Performance Area to prepare for the performance.  The group changed clothes and rehearsed in Disney Cast dressing rooms.  They then rode a bus over to Downtown Disney.  During the ride, the Disney Performing Arts host gave a behind the scenes tour of how Disney works.  She swore the group to secrecy telling them that to know of these things, one must become a Disney Cast Member!  Once on stage, the group opened with a booming announcement welcoming them to their Disney performance.  The performance was as magical as the entire Disney experience.  The attentiveness of the stage hands and sound crew, the view of the crowd and Downtown Disney beyond, and the excitement of performing made for a very unforgettable event.  
    After returning to the dressing rooms, the group was presented with a Disney Magic Music Days trophy to display at their school.  Each performer received a Disney Performing Arts back pack to keep as a souvenir.  The group’s host also thanked Mrs. Tiller and the children for being such wonderful group to work with.  They commended the group on their behavior and performance.  The group then returned to Epcot for a few more hours in the park.  They visited kiosks representing countries from all over the world, were mesmerized by the beautiful horticulture displayed in the many topiaries depicting Disney characters, and rode rides such as “Soarin’” where they felt as if they were on a hang glider flying above beautiful landscapes, “Finding Nemo” where they became part of a amazing aquarium, a test track that gave them a first hand glance at the life of a car designer, and many more.  The evening ended with “Illuminations - Reflections of Earth” - a fabulous laser light and fireworks show over the lake in the middle of the park.
    With the pressure of the performance behind them, the group spent Saturday morning at Disney’s Animal Kingdom and the afternoon at Disney’s Hollywood Studios theme parks.  Many members of the groups enjoyed the Kilimanjaro Safari.  They saw giraffes, elephants, cheetahs, hippopotamus, crocodiles, flamingo, and many more animals up close.  It was like a mini trip to the zoo.  There were groups playing African Congo drums and many more world instruments, and many people in the group enjoyed shows such as The Lion King.  The entire group enjoyed a celebratory lunch at the Rainforest Café.  Over at Hollywood Studios, favorite rides included the Rockin’ Roller Coaster, Tower of Terror, the Backstage Studio Tour and many more.
    The entire entourage departed Disney Sunday morning with a wonderful weekend of memories to cherish. 

Excellence in Academics, Arts and Athletics