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About Us
Andrea L. Hampton, Ed.D

14445 Hwy. 9
Chesterfield, SC  29709

Ph: (843) 623-9401
Fx: (843) 623-9429

Welcome to Chesterfield-Ruby Middle School's website! We appreciate your interest in our school. I hope you will find the information on our site helpful. Our staff is hardworking and dedicated to preparing our students for successful lives. To view additional information about calender events, click on the event.

Questions or Comments
Will you help us? If you have time, energy, and ideas, please share! You can contact us at (843) 623-9401.

Curricular Programs
Students are grouped heterogeneously in all classes of all grades except eighth-grade language arts and mathematics classes. The curriculum incorporates cooperative learning, whole language, and other traditional teaching strategies in all subject areas. A variety of exploratory courses are offered - keyboarding, art, music, instrumental band, physical education, and career exploration.

Innovative Programs
The Guidance Department holds a Career Fair where students are given opportunities to acquire knowledge on various careers. Chesterfield-Ruby Middle provides hands-on experience opportunities to Teacher Cadets and Health Occupation students from Chesterfield High School.

Student / Teacher Ratio
The Student-Teacher ratio in regular classes is 24-1. Special classes are smaller.

Special Services
Special services are provided for students with special learning needs. Academic assistance and accelerated content are available to students in language arts and mathematics through computer-assisted instruction. 

Athletic Activities
Seventh and eighth-grade students can participate in middle school football, baseball, basketball, wrestling, and cheerleading. Qualifying students are allowed to participate in junior varsity and varsity sports at the high school. Sixth-grade students participate in intramural sports at the school. Certified teachers provide physical education instruction.

Library / Media Center
The library houses 6,905 volumes, an extensive multicultural collection, and a large professional library. The SCOIS Career Guidance System is on the computer. Flexible scheduling is offered to sixth, seventh, and eighth grades. The media center is fully computerized with automated check-in and check-out of materials. The Accelerated Reader Incentive Program incorporates cooperative learning between the library and reading classes through high-interest books. The library participates in the countywide Read-In, which hosts visiting storytellers and student readers.

Our School is fully accredited by the Southern Association of Colleges and Schools and the South Carolina Department of Education.

Assembly Programs
Assembly programs are schedules for band / chorus performances, drug awareness, career awareness, cultural enrichment, and to reflect culminating activities.

Student Incentives
Examples of student incentives include Fast Pass Cards (Honor Roll), Bump Up Club (student improvement for the quarter), quarterly incentives for academic, attendance, and behavior excellence, and the GEM Award (Going the Extra Mile), which is given to students monthly who are cooperative, respectful, motivated, and studious.

Teacher Incentives
Teacher incentives include quarterly perfect attendance, Teacher Feature (student-nominated teacher recognition program), Bright Spot (staff-nominated recognition program), and monthly department planning sessions (core academic teachers).

Excellence in Academics, Arts and Athletics