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The Pageland Elementary Eagle Essentials

Rule 1:  When responding to any adult, you
must answer by saying, “Yes, ma’am
or “No, sir.”
Rule 2:  Make eye contact when someone
is speaking.
Rule 3:  If someone in the class wins a game
or does something well, we will
congratulate that person.
Rule 4:  During discussions, respect other
students’ comments, opinions
and ideas.
Rule 5:  If you win or do well at something,
do not brag.  If you lose, do not
show anger.
Rule 6:  If you are asked a question in
conversation, you should ask
a question in return.
Rule 7:  When  you cough or sneeze, cover
your mouth and/or nose.  Then you
say “Excuse me.”
Rule 8:  Do not smack your lips, suck your
teeth, roll your eyes, or show
disrespect with gestures.
Rule 9:  Always say, “Thank you” when
you are given something.
If you do not say it within 3
seconds after receiving the item,
it will be taken from you.
Rule 10:  When someone gives you a gift,
you must never make negative
comments about it or ask for

Rule 11:  Surprise others by performing
random acts of kindness.  Go out
of your way to do something nice
for someone at least once a week.
Rule 12:  When we read together in class, you
must follow along in your texts.
Rule 13:  Answer all written questions with
a complete sentence.
Rule14:  At times throughout the year, we
give rewards.  If you ever ask us for
a reward, however, it will not be
Rule 15:  Homework will be turned in each
Tuesday through Friday by
every student with no exceptions.
Rule 16:  When in transition from one class
to another, you must make the change
swift, quiet, and orderly.  The total
amount of time should be less than
10 seconds, and we will work toward
a goal of 7 seconds.
Rule 17:  You will make every effort to be
organized as possible.
Rule 18:  When homework is assigned, moaning
groaning or complaining by anyone
will result in a double assignment.
Rule 19:  While you are with a substitute teacher,
you will obey the same rules you follow
with your teacher.
Rule 20:  Classroom Rules to be followed:
A.)      Do not get out of your seat
without permission, unless,
you are sick.
B.)      Do not speak unless:

  • You raise your head and
  • are called on to respond.

  • I ask you a question, and

  • you are responding.

  • It is recess or lunch.

  • I instruct you otherwise.


Rule 21: Quickly learn the names of other
adults in the school and greet
them by name.

Rule 22: 
Flush the toilet and wash your hands
after you use of the restroom.

Rule 23: 
You will follow the ABC’s of
etiquette while dining in the
Rule 24: 
After we eat, we will clean up after ourselves.
Rule 25:
When riding a bus you must:

  • Face forward
  • Talk only to those beside you.
  • Nothing is to be stuck or thrown out the windows.
  • Stay in your seat.
  • Thank the bus driver when exiting.

Rule 26:  Whenever you are offered
food, never take more than your fair share.
Rule 27: 
No matter where you are, if someone drops something,pick it up and hand it backto that person.
Rule 28: 
If you approach a door and someone is behind you ,hold the door open for that person.
Rule 29:  
If someone bumps into you, even if is was not your fault, say, “Excuse me.”
Rule 30: 
When you are on a field trip, very quietly enter the building.Rule 31:  During an assembly you must:

  • Sit quietly
  • Face forward.
  • Be respectful to the presenter(s)

Rule 32:  When returning from a field
trip, you will thank the bus driver and shake hands with each chaperone and teacher.
Rule 33: 
In any line you must:

  • Walk single file
  • Stay two or three feet
  • behind the person in front
    of you
  • Keep arms by your side
  • Face forward at all times
  • Remain silent

Rule 34:  Never cut in line.
Rule 35:  If any child in this school is bothering or bullying you, let the teacher know immediately.  We are not going to let anyone in this school bully or threaten you!
Rule 36:
  Be positive and enjoy life. Focus on the good things.
Rule 37:
  Accept that you are going to make mistakes.  Learn from them and move on with your life.
Rule 38:
  Always be honest, no matter what!



Rule 40:  Chewing gum is not permitted.

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