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Cheraw High School 
649 Chesterfield Hwy.
Cheraw , SC 29520
Phone:(843) 921-1000
Link: Cheraw High School

Name Title Email Phone
Bryant, Jason Principal
Brown, Jamie Assistant Principal
Brown-Gillespie, Ova Assistant Principal
Gordon, Derrick Administrative Assistant

Name Title Email Phone
Johnson, Sharon English Teacher
Curry, Ted English Teacher
Brigman, Iris English Teacher
Pierce, Carolyn English Teacher
Stafford, Kevin English Teacher
Rohleder, Brooke English Teacher
Allen, Amber English Teacher
McMillian, James Math Teacher
Cannon, Angela Math Teacher
Rivers, Travis Math Teacher
White, Johnny Math Teacher
White, Lyall Math Teacher
Cribb, Garth Math Teacher
Adams, Clint Math Teacher
Evans, David Science Teacher
Parker, Matt Science Teacher
Lide, Frank Science Teacher
Dixon, Elisabeth Science Teacher
Rogers, Josh Science Teacher
Prevatte, Vincent Science Teacher
Ingram, Gail Social Studies Teacher
Johnson, Shannon Social Studies Teacher
Allen, Carrie Social Studies Teacher
English, Celia Social Studies Teacher
Reid, Carla Social Studies Teacher
Veasey, Tom Social Studies Teacher
Quick, Penny Career Specialist
Bollier, Robert CATE Teacher
Rosser, Butch CATE Teacher
Spencer, Jeff Career & Technology
Grant, Norma CATE Teacher
Morgan, David CATE Teacher
Caulder, Janet CATE Teacher
Ellerbe, Karen CATE Teacher
Crouse, Mary CATE Teacher
Easterling, Renee Special Education
Rogers, Elaine Special Education
Moore, Janice Special Education
Claytor, Glenda Special Education
Weeks, Nita Special Education
Orr, Kristen Special Education
Poole, Andy Special Education
Hubbard, Brenda Special Education
Redfearn, Charity Special Education
Rayfield, Jennifer Fine Arts/Communcation
Jones, Delandris Fine Arts/Communication
Amick, Billy Fine Arts/Communcation
Byrd, David Fine Arts/Communcation
Mills, Joey Fine Arts/Communcation
Tuza, Robin Fine Arts/Communcation
Hathcock, Chris Fine Arts/Communcation
Henry, Lixander Fine Arts/Communcation
Palmera, Harold Fine Arts/Communcation
Banascweiz, Patricia Fine Arts/Communcation
Ford, Terrence Fine Arts/Communcation
Walker, Lanny Fine Arts/Communication


Excellence in Academics, Arts and Athletics